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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy is most important to us. We are feeling committed to ensure your privacy, in accordance with the provisions of Romanian law regarding to the protection of privacy when processing personal information.

As the user visits or signs up to any of our Websites, the user might be needed to send personal information to us; those can refer but are never just limited to:

  • - Information regarding the User Identity: name, address, and other such contact information alike email address, user name, password, and IP address.
  • - Identity relevant ID-shots in case of a needed age determination.
  • - Communication-Data and similar.
  1. Data processing goals

By submitting their personal informations, the Website user thereby grants explicit permission to us, on processing said personal Informations for the following purposes:

  • - Facilitating the use of Website services provided by third parties.
  • - Offering you payment options for the use of before mentioned Website services Image, Video, Webcam Streaming and Communication services.
  • - Delivery of Emails, and Newsletters.
  • - Optimizing management of Website and Services offered.


  1. Direct marketing

We may also use said data for direct marketing purposes. You have the right to contest said use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes at any time, by contacting our Support.

  1. Reporting problems

We also collect personal information when you send us an Email or Support-Ticket to report a problem. By doing this, you thereby expressly and unambiguously authorize the processing of said personal information by us. We use the information collected only to solve the reported issue or for contacting you personal.

  1. Information bulletin

When you sign up, you may receive information on webcams, streamings, new features, offers, discounts and other services by email. These Emails will be sent by our company and pertain to be secure.

  1. Data protection and security measures

We take in own as well as in our website users interest adequate and appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of your personal Informations against occasional or unauthorized destruction, accidental loss, changes or access by third parties, in order to prevent unauthorized access.

  1. Saving communications information

If you choose to use the chat room or other interactive communications options, you thereby accept this information being stored. We may save said information based on need in order to resolve disputes, provide assistance, and research problems allowed by law. We won’t share these Informations with third parties except in response to a verified request by law enforcement or other government officials in a context of a criminal investigation or suspected illicit activity User-sided.

  1. Third parties

We will never sell or transfer said personal information to third parties. The information you provide to us can be only transferred to our partners, Payment processors and close Partner Incorporations and never for the purpose of marketing but for error recovery and troubleshooting only.

  1. Cookies

When you visit our Website, information may be saved by us on your computer based on so called cookie to your disk drive. This cookie lets us improve the quality of our services and can make your next visit to our Website even easier. Most web browsers let you delete said cookies from your hard drive, block them, or be informed of their presence. For more information regarding these functions, please read the instructions on your browser information screen.

  1. Access right

You always have the right to view your personal information and modify or delete them free of charge when it is no longer up to date. If you are experiencing any difficulties doing so, please have a look at our FAQ section, where you can find frequently questions answered, or simply send a written request to our Support.


All offered payment systems require at least a minimum input of personal data, however forms and further processing of this data takes place directly on the servers of the respective payment providers. Please consult both the Privacy Policy and the appropriate payment provider for more information about your data and payment transfers.

Our privacy protection rules were last modified on the 05/17/2018. We reserve the right to modify these regulations regarding privacy protection at any time, pursuant to all applicable laws and regulations.